Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid Release Date

2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid Release Date, Ford has rolled out its 2014 Ford C-max Hybrid, and its most placing feature happens out to be the reduction in fuel consumption, that was preceded by variety of changes.
the new 2014 Ford C-max Hybrid enters into dealerships in december 2013 year, and a few as out to the several changes which has received embrace aerodynamics, tires, hood and rear. model of 2014 Ford c-max hybrid has currently improved transmission, engine and software enhancements that save a large amount of energy and provides extreme fuel consumption. involving this nice values of efficiency will surely be in charge 2. zero liter i-4 atkinson-cycle gasoline engine with an electrical motor which will generate 188 hp. the new 2014 Ford c-max hybrid can have revised gearing, large amount of new software tweaks, low-friction engine oil and also the active grille shutter and climate management system.

Despite the changes, Ford wouldn't compromise the performance and, consequently, customer satisfaction. tests of 2014 Ford c-max hybrid have not been completed, however this year’s version can have fuel efficiency which is certainly currently 43 miles per gallon in combined driving conditions. and it's 4 miles per gallon less that on its previous model. conjointly it must to remain aforementioned that 2014 Ford c-max hybrid can have consumption of 45 miles per gallon within the whole town and 40 miles per gallon by the highway thus from this info it is predicted that the new version will surely be a lot of prudent.
as mentioned figure does not have anything to carry out when using the one it was actually mentioned when Ford promoted 2014 Ford c-max hybrid, the corporate can pay cash towards the owners with this car just like a compensation for our dashed expectations. model for 2014. is an chance to rectify this omission.