Sunday, August 18, 2013

2014 Ford F-150 Review, Price and Release Date

2014 Ford F-150 Review, Price and Release Date - That fans eagerly await trucks vehicles to se,em, as we found out, ford has announced the launch on your new 2014 ford f-150 at finished of 2013. relating to firmly the new 2014 ford f-150 could be a large amount of talk and appearance forward in the presentation so as to detect changes that the ford company presented via a fresh model of 2014 ford f-150. new 2014 ford f-150 design isn't a lot of modified. it might well be argued that resembles its predecessors, other then ford’s team created, sure that the new 2014 ford f-150 is obtainable in the general population. the new 2014 ford f-150 it also can feel fantastic, whether or not you employ it being a work vehicle, or with kids vehicle, or maybe being a “toy” for off road sports. thus they are saying, ford announced the largest changes in following f series, that might well be expected within the whole model 2015 ford f-150.

Though we has hoped that the changes will just be a lot of higher, ford can the new 2014 ford f-150 to introduce improvements and news connected in the strength of engine compartment and layout in the interior and exterior. new 2014 ford f-150 can have 3 engine versions. the very first can really do the weakest on your 3. 7 l v6 engine that develops 302 hp. the second will just be a 5. zero l v8 engine with 360 hp, whereas the third and the vast majority powerful engine can really do the 6. 2 l v8 with 411 hp sturdy. every of such engines will just be combined utilizing a 6-speed automatic transmission. we overheard this model on your f-150 won't have the famous 3. 5 l ecoboost v6 engine, other then it may well be replaced by a fresh v8 engine. what new 2014 ford f-150 can make it exceptional, are parts relating in the exterior look on your car, it also has got a ford f-150.

There will just be 2 new metallic colours, like ruby and black tuxedo. as for our interior, and there will just be a amendment of color, but a combination of 2 colours. new 2014 ford f-150 is equipped with communication and safety, like ford sync, my ford bit, … etc. , that enable you to firmly actually keep up to date with the work, as being informed of road conditions, weather changes, etc. accessories like sos crash alert, headlamps for improved visibility, four wheel abs, airbags, can that facilitate the new 2014 ford f-150 provides security and whatever you ought to expect. betting on the equipment that ford offered within the whole new 2014 ford f-150, thus it'll rely on value. it is a possibility that the basic model on your new 2014 ford f-150, the regular cab, can cost concerning 25, 000 bucks whereas the additional powerful model in fact be dearer and the value can vary up to $ 55, 000.

Image Credit : Ford