Monday, August 26, 2013

2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Review

2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Review, The aggregation Toyota has appear aboriginal images of 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R, which will be absolutely appear on its accessible admission in Frankfurt next month. The abstraction of 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R is based on the three-door adaptation of the Yaris, and is powered by a 1.6 liter Global Race Engine (GRE), which works with two electric motors, which is why the abstraction of 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R has a drive to all four wheels.

2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid R foreground attending 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid R
The 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R uses the technology affected by the archetypal TS030 Hybrid racing, such as the adeptness to acknowledgment braking energy, which is acclimated to drive added power. It is accessible that this technology is acclimated to archetypal GT86.
Japanese architect will present their latest achievements in the acreage of Hybrid car with ammunition corpuscle propulsion in Frankfurt, and 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R will be produced 2015th year. By the end of the year this tehnology for Hybrid cars will be acclimated on not beneath than 16 Hybridcars.

Image credit : © Toyota