Sunday, September 1, 2013

2015 Audi Q1 Release Date and Specs

2015 Audi Q1 Release Date and Specs, At a similar time like the bmw, and audi ought to present its response, that is likewise made because we are part of a one modular platform. as regarding the doable name, audi has accessible several free numbers. it often is assumed that the ultimate version on your concept crossline coupe, that was launched in october 2012 along at the paris motor show, those shorter version on your well known model q3, which his name will just be 2015 Audi Q1.

New 2015 Audi Q1 can have plenty of aluminum. when building can use a lighter materials, an example would be aluminum and composite materials, that have the task out to considerably cut back the load on your new 2015 Audi Q1, whereas improving performance.
as for the planning, most detail is inheriting from crossline, other then can initial be presented in the five-door version. like the market demands, the plant will just be front-wheel drive, other then audi will not afford a waiver of awd.

New 2015 Audi Q1 will just be offered a big choice of engines. the greatest emphasis was published the tsi petrol engines 1. 2 l and 1. 4 l with technology “cylinder on demand”.

It's “audi” management system so as to enhance cost-effectiveness and efficiency. the innovative “cylinder on demand”. system “pauses” 2 cylinders throughout cruising by the asphalt, other then if you driving at low revs. the internal system automatically back up all four cylinders when you wish additional power.. this system will just be located within the new 2015 audi q2, improves engine efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and decreases the share of harmful gases. the internal system was developed in order that the engine still running quiet and vibration-free with no more than 2 cylinders.
audi had not forgotten the fans of diesel engines and shall really do the new 2015 Audi Q1 realize 1. 6 l and 2. zero l tdi engines. at your disposal will just be a 5-speed and 6 speed manual gearbox, and can additionally embody automatic dual clutch gearbox with 6 or 7-speed.