Friday, October 4, 2013

2014 Mercedes S Class Specs and Release Date

2014 Mercedes S Class Specs and Release Date, Launch of new affluence auto 2014 Mercedes S Class, which will be in showrooms beyond the end of the year and the aboriginal anticipation is to artlessly fascinates with its technology: 3D cameras, radar, night vision, LED lighting that automatically adjusts the brightness. And that's not all!

 The new 2014 Mercedes S Class is addition footfall appear the automatic active of car. Built-in cameras and radars act as the eyes and aerial of the vehicle, with a appearance of 360 degrees on the road. New Mercedes recognizes if the car is fast abutting in the aforementioned lane, and can active the driver. If a blow with the rear of the car abreast the car itself will actuate the anchor ablaze admonishing ablaze in adjustment to abstain added austere consequences.

Also the new 2014 Mercedes S Class abandoned can drive through the army and beacon if faced danger, such as a disciplinarian due to fatigue or apathy angry in the amiss lane. Archetypal S550 active the V8 engine with rear-wheel drive has 455 hp and goes on auction in aboriginal October, and in November accomplished AMG archetypal S63 with drive to all four wheels. Next year Mercedes on the bazaar comes with a Hybrid archetypal and two variations of the V12 engine that will admission 2015th year.

Design of 2014 Mercedes S Class has accustomed altered opinions in Hamburg at the graduation ceremony. While some like the aseptic appearance and long, low proportions, others complaining the endure edition, in accurate adorning LED lights and foreground grille, which is alert as top as before. But anybody will accede that new Mercedes S Class, as able-bodied as a lot of times so far, accepted actual addition in all aspects of driving.

Image credit : © Mercedes