Thursday, October 17, 2013

2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid Specification

2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid Specification, Toyota as a abundant car architect from the aboriginal day that Toyota Prius came was cerebration advanced in the approaching and started to accomplish new “greener” technology. Now today we accept cars from Toyota that are amalgam type. 18 years has anesthetized back the aboriginal bearing of Toyota Prius. Today we will allege about accepted fourth bearing of the Toyota Prius hatchback. Toyota Prius is the acknowledged amalgam car archetypal in the apple abnormally in U.S.A. But never the beneath it is now faceting the new and acutely acceptable antagonism in amalgam segment.

New 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid will accept it's premiere in Detroit Auto Show in January 2014. Till again there will be a lot spy photos and speculations about it. Toyota Prius Amalgam will be the acknowledged amalgam in the apple that will be 70 kg lighter than its predecessor, and the amalgam engine will accomplish a apparent advance in ammunition economy. Modified assimilation of 1.8 gasoline engine will advance added than, the accepted 134 hp and an electric motor and inverter will be accumulated in added bunched dimensions.

The electric motor of 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid will ability the rear auto at speeds up to 60 km / h, so that the Prius does accept an casual four-, which will accord to adherence in glace road. Thanks to a added able power-train and bigger aerodynamics, CO2 emissions will be bargain from 89 g / km in beneath than 70 g / km. And with this blazon of architecture there will be bigger ammunition abridgement of car with burning of 90 mpg.

Also this advice will be accepted like the rumor that Toyota will accumulate application top chic nickel-metal hydride array or alteration it with lithium-ion array pack. Along with the accepted bazaar architecture 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid will appear in constituent version, which is growing in acceptance due to usability.

Image Credit : © Toyota